What Person Must I Become To Create The Life I Desire?

As a woman who is pursuing high level personal and professional goals in fabulous Las Vegas, NV, I am on a quest of self-development. A question I'm constantly asking myself is: "Who am I willing to become in order to create the life I am committed to creating?" Here is a partial list of answers.

Why I Was Wrong To Hate On Las Vegas

I thought I hated Las Vegas. I thought I would hate leaving my beloved Colorado. I thought incorrectly. Learn about how the city of sin has created more discipline and opportunity in my life and might be the place where I grow into the best woman, entrepreneur and human that I have become thus far in my life.

Ultra Spiritual & Unleash The Power Within

Ultra Spiritual + Unleash The Power Within = Impossibly Smug. Watch this genius video from JP Sears summarizing his experience at UPW Australia.

Tuesday Slay Day, Inaugural Edition: How I Continued To Slay When Suicide Seemed Like A Great Idea

Tony Robbins has said: our destiny is shaped by our decisions. Maybe I'm paraphrasing. I went through something sad. Then I got more sad. I had to decide to get up and keep going. 

Gratitude List: September 16, 2016

Tony Robbins has said that it's impossible to be grateful and fearful at the same time. Here is what I'm grateful for on September 12, 2016.

Let's Get Started, Shall We?

Welcome to my life in Las Vegas. Since I've arrived here, I've decided to make some quantum leaps into being the woman that is capable of creating the life that I've always dreamed of. Let's take that journey together, shall we?