What Person Must I Become To Create The Life I Desire?

Last month, one of the companies that my agency has a strategic partnership with invested in the team by inviting us to a seminar called I AM Empowered. It was a profound three days, but one of the questions that has really stayed with me a month later is "Who Is The Woman You Want To Walk In?"

This is another way of saying, what kind of person would you like to be? This question should be guided directly from another: what is the life that you want to create? 

The reason these two questions are related is because you must be willing to become a certain person in order to achieve certain things. And the thing of it is, is that if you have not created your desired life, than you have not yet become the person that you need to become. 

I am in that boat. And so, dear gentle readers, I would like to paint a picture the best way I know how - with words - to illustrate and ground the woman that I am committed to actively becoming. A manifesto and letter to my soul if you will. A declaration to the universe and my readership of what I'm willing to do from the superficial to the super deep. And so here is she is, the woman that I am actively working toward becoming. In honor of the seminar that I was blessed enough to attend, these declarations will be not just "I" statements, but "I am" statements.

  1. I am a woman who practices radical self-love knowing that without this, I will not be able to serve my family, friends, clients and other loved ones. 
  2. I am a woman who acts in integrity, willing to be with discomfort in order to stay aligned with my own true north.
  3. I am a woman who shows up physically in a way that conveys wellness and an attention to detail. That means I care about what I wear, how well I take care of what I wear, how my nails look, that I am polished and convey professionalism.
  4. I am a woman who consistently seeks out education, whether it be through podcasts, books, conversations, mentorship or new experiences.
  5. I am a woman who is willing to define her comfort zone as it grows and expands for the sole purpose of being able to go outside that zone - that is where all growth and progress takes place.
  6. I am a woman who my friends and family come to when they needs a heart-centered listener who is not here to judge "mistakes" or missteps that are sometimes the result of simply being human. However,
  7. I am a woman who will stand for compassion, humanity and will be a vehicle for the evolution of this world and the beings on it. If I encounter a person or situation that does not serve kindness and compassion, I will be brave enough to stand up to it and protect those who are being exploited or harmed. 
  8. I am a woman who knows the difference between appreciating nice things and needing nice things. 
  9. I am a woman who chooses to act as if everything is a miracle instead of behaving as if nothing is a miracle. 
  10. I am a woman who is creating her abundance through her passions: writing, creativity, working with entrepreneurs, building her relationships, exploring the world and creating a higher tide so she can rise to the level. 

There have been many seemingly inconsequential moments leading up to these declarations. Part of why I started this blog was to a. create a community of like-minded individuals who want to keep creating their own higher tide, rising to their new level & b. selfishly creating a way to hold myself accountable to my readership. 

If you have any declarations about the person you are committed to actively pursue being, I would love, love, love if you would share your declarations in the comments. Then tweet them out with the hashtag #IWillBe. 

I love you fam. Thank you for reading.



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PPS - If you know someone who is ambitious, has high standards for themselves, who is actively creating the life that they have always dreamed of, don't keep this a secret. Share this with them and let's see if we can't get as many of "our people" together on making dreams come true!