Tools, Action Items and Practices I'm Adopting For 2017 To Achieve Maximum Badassery

The view of the future doesn't look so shabby.

The view of the future doesn't look so shabby.

Oh my god, did 2016 get a bad rap. It seems like social media everywhere was blaming 2016 for all sorts of things like celebrity deaths (of which the majority were related to drug abuse in one way or another. I know our beloved Princess Leia has been sober a while but really pounding the nose clams will wear down that precious heart muscle of yours. Not even geniuses like Prince are exempt from the powers of opioids) ... and whatever else people were complaining about. 

My year was dark. Then it was light. I've already gone into that, so I won't dissect it here, but when the light came, so did the clarity around my purpose, and a new energy that is making me feel vital, focused and having a completely different purpose. I have a great project underway which I'll tell you more about later, but for now, I want to share with you the tools, action items and practices that I'm using to cultivate my compassion, clarity and velocity in 2017. By the way, the clarity, compassion and velocity would not be with me if it weren't for the bad times in 2016.

The Tools

Tools Of Titans by Tim Ferriss

If you are working toward creating a life on your own terms, without compromise and where your creativity and passion will provide you freedom, you MUST buy this book. It's gigantic, but you can open to any page and get pearls of wisdom. It's almost like the I Ching. It seems like every time I open it up, it's to something that I need to hear at that moment.

This doubles as a weapon both physically and mentally.

This doubles as a weapon both physically and mentally.

Tony Robbins Priming Meditation

This tool is something that you might want to leverage into a daily practice. We did this live at UPW and many of us who went to the event have adopted it as a daily practice and have found that it gives us clarity and compassion and a real purpose for the day. 


The Gym

This should be a no-brainer. I need to take care of myself. Last year I let my weight get out of control and it truly was a direct reflection of how I felt about myself psychologically and emotionally. The gym is basically a tool box full of ways to get positive chemicals flowing through your body and to create inner and outer alignment. 

The Action Items

Starting a Mastermind

I've been carrying Think and Grow Rich around in my purse for three months, gingerly reading a chapter here or there as if that's going to produce results. This year, I am committed to reading and implementing the book. I'm also committed to upleveling my circle of social influence, so I invited others in the UPW group to join an accountability society where we'll get to know each other, push each other and also implement one of the books that have been read by all the greats. Yesterday we had our kick off meeting and the energy was invigorating. 

Investing in Professional Business Assets

Coaching, photography, branding. The pricetags on these items are sometimes difficult to swallow unless you start really understanding that it's an investment. I need my time freed up to create my vision, sharpen my tools and help people powerfully. Also, if you ever need some ideas on being resourceful with collecting your assets, please contact me, seriously. For photography, I was able to reach out to a fellow military spouse. Same with graphic design. Think of your network, who you would like to support and who would be flexible with your payments in turn.

Taking Massive Action

In a way this is a bit redundant, but this is another thing that we learned as part of a success formula at UPW. You have to take MASSIVE action. That's why I've invested in professionals to build my professional presence. At the same time, I've enrolled in a program that will give me the tools to live out my purpose powerfully and effectively. This means I've had to re-evaluate how I look at time. For example, today I have the day off of my job. It's kind of cold out and I remember an old part of me that would be super down for doing nothing today. But I set my alarm, took a meeting, meditated, cleaned the kitchen and did some writing. Later I will be studying. There are no days off when stepping into your purpose, but it's not going to feel like work  or a punishment.

The Practices

Asking High Quality Questions

Your quality of life is linked to the quality of questions that you ask. For example, last week I was torn a new one by my employer for doing something that I was explicitly asked to do. After I calmed down, I started asking the question "how is this life happening for me" as opposed to "why is this happening to me". The answer is something that I'm still journaling and thinking on, but framing it in a light of learning instead of victimhood is going to be much more effective in aiding me in accomplishing my goals.

Always Be Learning

I spend over 11 hours a week in my car. I opened up an Audible account and I subscribe to podcasts that are hosted by Lewis Howes, James Altucher, Brian Koppelman, Tony Robbins and Alec Baldwin that all address my obsession: building a life that beautifully integrates creativity and wealth. It was listening to these podcasts that lead me to UPW, and the rest is revealing itself with swift clarity and velocity. 

Being Brutal About How I Spend My Time & What I Expose My Energy To

Everything needs to add to the ultimate ambition. And my energy is my most precious asset. I was reminded that I have to put the oxygen mask on myself before anyone else and I'm no longer willing to expose myself to environments that taint the oxygen or suck it out of me.

I want to know what you would add to this list. Reply in the comments below, I'd love to learn from you.







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