Identifying Your Assets, Using Your Leverage & Creating Win-Wins

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you are very much like me: a lover of freedom, ambitious and creative. Maybe you want a cush bank account, but what you're really driven by is being able to live life completely on your terms. And if you are also like me, you might have been conditioned to be polite, follow the rules and live a formulaic life - conditioned against your very nature. 

Well, through the practices I've been adopting, I'm starting to learn effective ways to deprogram the conditioning that was imposed on me by a well-meaning community. And I had a win today. 

Today I created a reality where I have more time (our one non-renewable resource) to be at home, studying, writing, cultivating excellence to serve my future coaching clients and being a wife/keeping this damn house together while enjoying the benefits of being an employee in a position that is challenging and inspiring. This was something I've been desiring as my commute becomes more and more arduous and after journaling for almost a month in Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map Planner. I realized that the traditional 9 to 5 was no longer working for me. I wanted to break the conditioning. 

You might have been conditioned to be polite, follow the rules and live a formulaic life.
— Erin Vazquez

This is how I was able to successfully create my desired reality in which I'm contributing as an employee, but have more creative, juicy flow in other areas of my life. You can do this, too!

  1. I Took Inventory Of My Assets. This is going to look different for each and every one of us, but I know that my boss is very appreciative of my skill set. He is incredibly smart and capable, and part of being smart and capable is finding people that can do the things you can't. I'm one of those people to him. So what are your assets? When you're doing this for yourself, go deep. Okay, skill set. What about your next big goal? Do you have a car? Do you have a savings account, a killer network, an amazing email database? Are you healthy? Does your energy light up a room? Are you the one that everyone comes to for advice or to vent? Can you make a killer cocktail or bake chewy cookies? Are you the universal BFF? Write it all down, no matter how seemingly small. Your computer. Great wardrobe. Go, go, go!
  2. Identifying What You Can Leverage. Now that you've listed all of your assets, spend some time looking at the list. What are a few things on that list that only you can bring to the table? This isn't an exercise in ego, this is getting acquainted with the value that you bring to yourself and to your surroundings. This is important to know about yourself just in general. You might have noticed what I knew I could leverage in this situation: the fact that my boss has openly shared with me that I have a skill set that he doesn't. He needs my story-telling ass to create some jaw-dropping marketing narratives and he doesn't want to go find my replacement (hint: make yourself irreplaceable, not just through your skill set but through your attitude, willingness to help, adapt and be super down to do whatever it takes to succeed).
  3. Creating A Win-Win. This is the most important thing I did today. Creating a win-win comes down to intention - you are not in this just for yourself, you are connected to your surroundings and you have an obligation to maintain and promote the health of your ecology. Don't be an ego-maniac walking into a CEO's office and saying "you can't replace this sweetness". (If you do, please send me a video so I can laugh and tweet you an "I told you so".) I sat down for a good amount of time and journaled last night: why I want to help them out, how could I help them out and by asking for concessions, what am I able to give? I really got into the energy of the relationship. In this case, I was willing to give a temporary salary reduction. Why? Because by giving up a little money, I'm giving myself more of our number one non-renewable resource: time. I knew that the company would appreciate and benefit from it, and so would I. A win-win is born. 

I know that the specifics of your situation might look very different. If you're having trouble connecting the dots between your assets and creating a win-win in whatever desired outcome you want to produce, either leave a comment or hit me up on my Facebook page and we can have a conversation there. 

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