Joe Rogan Discusses Time Line Therapy™

One of the most powerful processes that I guide my clients through is called Time Line Therapy™. It was created by Tad James, who I studied with this year, and it has been found to be highly effective for helping people get rid of emotions that are holding them back. I'm talking anger, fear, sadness... all of it. 

But it's difficult to describe what, exactly, it does. When  my clients sign up with me they're taking a leap of faith in the spirit of adventure, allowing me to guide them through this process that often has them looking at me at the end with an expression that can only be described as: What. Just. Happened.

It's  relatively new process, but people like Joe Rogan are getting hip to it. Here is a conversation between Joe Rogan and Vinny Shoreman, a performance coach, about mindset, Time Line Therapy and hypnosis. Vinny even mentions Tad James at one point. (Warning: adult language contained within.)

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