I'm Not Watching The Presidential Debate Tonight. Here's Why.

Tonight the third presidential debate for the presidential election of 2016 is happening. I'm not going to watch it and this is why.

  1. It Will Not Serve My Higher Path.

    Watching the presidential election at this point is not going to contribute to my larger dream. When you are working to create a life that is extraordinary, you have to start choosing your activities, your company and what your senses are exposed to very carefully otherwise you expose yourself to distractions, sources of insecurity and narratives that undermine your purpose in life. There is so much vitriol around these two human beings that are on stage tonight and I know that by allowing that narrative into my psyche, it will influence my energy and my thoughts in ways that don't serve my larger dream of building a foundation for a creative life where I am able to empower others to also live a life that is way beyond ordinary. A life where I can travel and raise a family and serve creative people in a powerful way. It's a big dream and I need a lot of space in my spirit to let it live, grow and develop there.
  2. I Am Learning How To Take Responsibility For EVERY Aspect Of My Life. 

    This means that no matter who is elected, I am not going to depend on them to provide conditions that empower me to build the career and life of my dreams. When the election is over, I will learn about new policies and procedures and come to my own conjecture about how I need to conduct my business and life in light of the new President's political motivations. I will take responsibility for my success. On the flip side, I will not blame policies, procedures or Presidents for failure or obstacles that I encounter on my journey. It is fully my responsibility to avoid/learn from/and adjust course in the future when faced with difficulties.
  3. I Prefer To Spend My Time Nourishing Myself.

    This isn't selfish; nourishing yourself and taking time for self care is incredibly important for anyone who is going to create, create anything. Whether it's a business, a painting, writing a book, we have to take care of that inner fire, to protect our energy, to read things that inspire us (by the way, if that's the election, good on you - write the scathing novel about two disgusting politicians!) and take that time to recharge. I do not consider this debate to be anywhere close to nourishing.

Do you agree? Disagree? I would love to hear your thoughts either in the comments or on social media!

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