For the creative who wants to live authentically & connect with their passion without the anxiety, stress and drama of the totally outdated "broke artist" stereotype.  

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Hi, I'm Erin. I'm obsessed with helping creatives live an extraordinary life. I'm also a Master Certified NLP Coach, Timeline Therapy™ Practitoner & Hypnotherapist. Learn more about me here.

Life Coach For Actors

"I reached out to Erin while doing a show out of town. My anxiety had gotten the best of me. I was convinced that the director and I didn't speak the same language and believed I would be replaced. Over the phone, Erin lovingly walked me through her magic and gave me tools to carry with me. I finished the job like the boss that I am underneath fear and anxiety. I can't recommend Erin enough! " 

~Nadege August, Actress, Los Angeles

Create Art. Earn Money. Love Life.

If you want more than anything to make a living doing what you love as a creative, you're in the right place. My name is Erin Vazquez and not only do I believe that you have infinite potential to live a life that lights your soul on fire, but I also believe the world is undergoing a transition where creatives have an unprecedented opportunity to truly build the life of their dreams. 


You were never meant for normal. 

You were meant to do something amazing. To show the world something it's never seen before through painting, music, photography, acting, writing, film or something that you hold as a special vision totally unique to you. This is an amazing gift. Something you should be proud of.  

However, that passion comes with unique challenges. You might have found yourself asking:  

"How can I make money doing what I love?"  

It's an important question that has infinite answers. The destination for each creative is unique, and so is the journey.  

But if you're a creative who wants to dance in that sweet spot of creativity and prosperity, there are three fundamental areas that you must master:  

  • Your unconscious mind (the keeper of beliefs, emotions and sabotaging or empowering patterns). 
  • Your mindset (determining how you will overcome challenges when they arise).
  • Business (taking full ownership of monetizing your talent).  

To get started on your journey of mastery, I have created a complimentary meditation to help you connect closer with your purpose and reduce your anxiety.



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"I highly recommend Erin for anyone who feels helpless and lost in a certain painful area of their lives. Seriously, life is too short to continue living this way. Working with Erin has changed my life and I am so thankful our paths crossed."  

Janet Rader  

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"My session with Erin allowed me to dispel the limiting beliefs that dwelled within my subconscious. These breakthroughs gave me the clarity I needed to move forward towards achieving my goals. I’m grateful to have spent some one on one time with her. I highly recommend anyone who wants to take their lives to the next level to work with Erin."

Kevin Paz Food and Beverage Manager of the Omni Hotel, San Francisco  

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"If there is anyone out there who feels like their dreams are not realistic or that there is no way you could ever live the life you really want to, I strongly encourage you to reach out to this amazing woman! Erin Vazquez is a life coach who helped me completely change my life and develop the tools I needed to start pursuing my dreams of being an artist and I could not be more grateful! ❤"

~Jamie Davis, Artist, California

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