2 Easy Ways To Transform Your Life When You Feel Stuck

Erin Vazquez

Whether it's in your job, relationship, finances, health or mental state, feeling stuck is the pits.

And if you've been feeling stuck for a while, it's easy to believe that there's no way out. Which only adds to feelings of frustration, doubt and desperation. It shouldn't be surprising that these feelings build on each other, making it really difficult to break the pattern that is holding you back from success.  

I have good news for you, though. 

There are two easy ways to get you out of the mire and into a groove sooner than you might think - and it's all in your mind. 

1. Practice gratitude.

Practicing gratitude helps you create a positive mindset by looking at what you have in your life that is a blessing. If you're in a spiral of negativity, it's natural to forget what is working. we so often forget how blessed we are. This shifts your focus to things that make you happy or increase the quality of your life, which brings you a whole new energy all the things that you you might feel like you've been sucked into.

Don't worry if you're not feeling all "love and light." If you're having trouble locking into this, start with the small stuff. There are days when I'm struggling that I feel like I'm reaching. Those are the days where I practice gratitude for a good skin day or a cup of coffee. The more profound moments come later.

Putting this into practice (because knowledge is only potential power):

Leave a notebook and pen by your bed every night. When you wake up, write down three things you're grateful for (like waking up). End the day the same way. You now have a record of things tha you're grateful for.

What do you do for gratitude?

2. Ask questions that break the pattern.

A few months ago, I was sitting on a bench overlooking the Pacific Ocean and as I sat down for a rare moment of true solitude, I prayed for the right question. Ever since I'd gotten pregnant, I started behaving into a pattern of "business being hard." I went from a fresh, thriving entrepreneur totally slaying it in her life coaching practice to needing to slay at self-care. But I took that to mean that "now things are hard." 

And I was tired of it.

The question that came to me as the sun hit my face and the breeze kicked up was:

What if it gets to be easy?

This is such a simple question that has taken me on a journey of discovering when decided that it had to be hard (learning from the struggle parents and examples in pop culture) and then doing the work to dismantle that belief. 

I wouldn't say that everything is 100% easy now, but I have relaxed into ease. It's a shift and the pattern is broken. Just because of one question.


You'll notice that both of these practices only require you to shift your thoughts. You don't have to go to a gym or hire a fancy coach or run up a mountain. You simply have to have a different thought and your life changes instantly. 

How amazing is that?

Leave me a comment below and let me know how this works for you! 

Much love, 


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Erin Vazquez is a master certified NLP Coach, Timeline Therapy™️ Practitioner and hypnotherapist who works with clients and students all over the world. 

Her passion is helping creatives design a life that lets them dance in the intersection of creativity and wealth by helping them heal spiritual wounds, build an unstoppable mindset, then roll up their sleeves and get down to (creative) business. 

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