About Erin Vazquez

I’m obsessed with guiding artistic visionaries toward a life of prosperity, freedom, wellness and joy.

I’ve made it my mission to free creatives of the limitations that cause them to play small and settle for a life of quiet desperation. I’m an advocate for mental health, making your biggest, most magnificent dreams come true and radical ownership of your own circumstances so that you’re empowered to continually live a life according to your most desired reality.  

Why? Because I know the journey. And I know what's possible for every single person who decides to make the change and do the work. Up until 2016, I suffered from depression and debilitating panic attacks. I was working in the marketing industry as a copywriter and even went as far as being the VP of marketing at a business consulting firm. I owned my own house in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Denver and had an amazing group of smart, fun and adventurous friends.

But something clearly wasn’t right. 

Life coach For Creatives

I was waking up with a sense of dread. I couldn’t really get excited about a future in marketing or anythig else. The formalities of asking for time off, performance reviews and scheduled hours of attendance at a job seemed arbitrary at best and existentially insane at worst. I knew that for me and my truth that as long as I was asking any other person or entity for permission, pay or validation of my value that I would never be truly free.  

The consequences were devastating, and at one point came close to taking my life. The anxiety prevented me from going to social events. Depression was a convenient excuse to sleep as much as possible, but only after several glasses of wine. I was gaining weight, my light was dimming.  

It was time to make a change.  

The problem was, I was so far down in a dark place that I couldn’t see how to get myself out. It took some strategy, a few years of listening to some amazing podcasts and a powerful encounter with Tony Robbins, but it all lead to me connecting with what my true freedom and joy is:  

Smashing the stereotype of the broke, addicted and depressed artist by providing powerful life-coaching services that guide creatives toward prosperity, wellness and joy.  

I was raised around musicians. I went to an arts high school. My first stop in any new city is always the art museum. I adore artists, writers, comedians, performers, musicians, actors and creative visionaries of all kinds from the bottom of my heart. When I realized that all of the studying that I had done to pull myself out of my own black hole applied to the people that I love the most, everything just clicked and the rest is, as they say, history.  

I truly believe that life would not be worth living without art of all types. But there are so many artists out there who are holding back on shining their light into the world because of a lifetime of limitations and programming telling them it's not safe or that they are not worthy of the very thing that's pumping through their heart.

I work using powerful tools that top performers across all industries incorporate into their practices. Neurolinguistic programming, Timeline Therapy™ and hypnosis all work at an unconscious level to transform the underlying causes of pain, negative patterns and things that aren’t working in your life. When the internal, unconscious programs that are co-creating your current reality are changed, your life changes, too. There are many different tools to help with this, so I'm not saying the ones I use are the only ones that will work. But I will say I've seen them work over and over with clients and students - as well as on myself.  

If you work one-on-one with me, you’ll experience a customized combination of these tools in conjunction with intuitive coaching, meditation and exercises created to help you personally move from stuck to joyful.  

In my group and online classes, these tools are used and in most of my online classes, you’ll personally be taught the tools through audio and video resources (depending on the course) so that you have them to use for the rest of your life.  

How amazing is that?  

And in the meantime, I’ve provided you with plenty of free resources. There’s a free mini-course that will open the doors to the possibilities from a mental health standpoint.  

My YouTube Channel is totally bingeworthy. Be sure to subscribe. And I love the Instagrams, so let’s connect over there, too.  

In the meantime, sign up for email updates as I love running special sales on courses and coaching.  

Shine bright, the world needs you.  

Sending you all the love.  


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