Your days of clocking in & out of a soul-sucking job while your creative passions are ignored day after day ARE OVER.

If you feel like you've been putting your creative dreams on a shelf your whole life in exchange for security and stability...

But in reality, you're secretly miserable...

And all you want to do is act, paint, take pictures, make music, film movies, write ...

You're not alone. And you're probably wondering: "how do I get from Point A (stuck in a soul-sucking job) to Point B (paying the bills - and then some - through my creative passions)?"

And especially when there's no clear path to a successful artistic pursuit, what are you supposed to do? It's almost easier to stay in secure, stable job mode... except you feel like you're living a lie and you're totally miserable.

Creative career group coaching

Imagine what it would be like if…

  • You had a clear step-by-step action plan to turn your passion into a lifestyle and income.
  • You had the confidence to pursue what you want without worrying what others thought of you.
  • You easily overcame the obstacles and challenges that are inevitable in the creative pursuit.
  • Baggage and pain from the past was no longer holding you back from your fullest expression.

Introducing The Creative Career Blueprint, the online group course that gives you all the tools you need to shift from creative hobbyist to creative professional!

Group coaching programs for creatives
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Things changed really fast!

"When I signed up for the course, I had acting gigs, but they were inconsistent. That made it difficult to plan for the future and caused stress. I decided to take Erin's masterclass and there was almost a turbo boost in my life where I manifested acting gigs left and right in films and plays. The best part is, I didn't have to audition for them. I was invited to them. I'm so busy doing what I love now that I've learned and implemented the techniques taught in this class. I would definitely recommend this to any creative who is ready to rocket to their next level."

~Analisa Chavez; Actor⠀







Imagine your life in three months: you're connecting with people in your industry, starting projects and building a powerful supportive network. (Maybe you even have a paid gig already!)

Imagine your life in six months: you've stuck to the personalized plan you created for yourself, your audience is growing and you're being paid to do what you love! Your confidence is building and you're really starting to get the hang of it all.

Imagine your life in a year: You're ready to transition to your passion full-time, and you couldn't be more thrilled to wake up every single morning so excited to do what you want, with who you want, where you want and how you want.

That's exactly what I created The Creative Career Blueprint for.

Hi, I'm Erin.

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The creator of The Creative Career Blueprint.

I merge business basics, powerful subconscious reprogramming and mindset mastery tools in this high-impact online group course so that you have everything you need to create the life you were born to live. I’m a master certified neurolinguistic programming coach, master certified Timeline Therapy®️ practitioner and master hypnotherapist. Since 2017, I’ve helped artists, actors, writers, musicians and entrepreneurs overcome their own limitations so they can pursue a life of authenticity, alignment and abundance - on their terms. I’ve worked with dozens of one-on-one clients who have gone on to do everything from starting their own passion-fueled non-profit to launching their own television show on the Travel Channel to exhibiting their photography in the Smithsonian. I’ve run group coaching programs with amazing results from the students - I’ll let a few of them tell you about it in their own words. 

But first, I want to thank you for being here. I care deeply about your ability to live life on your own creative terms and I can't wait to show you how inside the course.

With gratitude,

master certified coach

Success Stories

How Aeon Jones converted his love of photography into a high-paying drone business using Creative Career Blueprint teachings!

"Before I took the course, I was close to giving up on my dream of making money with my photography. But as I learned the material, I started to see different possibilities for myself. I still enjoy doing fine art landscape photography, but I also started a drone photography business and now enjoy steady, high-paying clientele doing something that's right up my creative alley. Not to mention, I made the money back that I spent on the course in the first two weeks."

~Aeon Jones, Apex Aerial Solutions & Aeon Jones Photography

Group coaching for creatives

How Nathan Bock realized it truly is possible to turn a "crazy idea" into reality!

"The focus on finding mission was incredibly valuable during this course. Finding the bigger picture provided the frame which allowed me to see my various projects as part of a larger venture rather than just a few ideas. It allows me to see the thruline of them. And makes them seem part of something bigger than myself or my next to-do.

Finally, the security or confidence in my vision to be able to see the need to complete some real steps laying the foundation for me and others to take my intentions seriously is what I needed to start ushering my dreams into reality."

Nathan Bock, Actor, Hollywood, CA

life coaching for actors


  • 6 Live Masterclass calls with Q&A & hot seat coaching
  •  Access to private Facebook Group with daily support (M - F)
  •  Student portal access with all materials (released week by week)
  • 2 Mp3 audio guides for subconscious healing and releasing techniques
  •  Student workbook
  •  Lifelong access to all audio and video files

For a total in $10,000 of value!

And right now, I'm offering it for an insanely LOW price with two different payment options .

Plus, receive these bonuses when you enroll in Creative Career Blueprint!

So in summary, you receive:

group coaching for creatives

For over $10,000 of value!

But your investment today is only $795.

"How can there be a "blueprint" for success when every creative is unique?"

It's true: your journey is going to look different than anyone else's which is why it can be so overwhelming when you're getting started. Your unique path will be determined by you. But there are three non-negotiable components to every single creative career out there. This is the foundation from which you must build in order to achieve success. These components: business strategy, emotional healing and mindset mastery are the cornerstone teachings of Creative Career Blueprint.

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I'll help you:

  • Get over any fear or doubt around making money doing what you love.
  • Overcome self-doubt that lingers at a deep, subconscious level and move forward with confidence in your creative vision.
  • Make a plan so you're not piecing together scraped together pieces of information that you gather from social-media-stalking your idols or YouTube tutorials that give you "just enough" but NOT the whole picture.
  • Unload the baggage, both known and unknown, that's been holding you back for your whole life.
  • Build your tribe and community - the other students are on this path, too. Friendships and alliances will be made. Trust me.

Here's The Creative Career Blueprint Breakdown By Each Module

Creative Career Advice
creative career group coaching
creative career advice
Creative Career group coaching

Enroll now to claim your spot & bonuses - a $10,500 value!

group coaching for creatives



I'm not sure it's a good time with so many unknowns. Should I enroll?

First thing: all live calls will be recorded and uploaded into your student portal, so even if you miss a call, you'll never really "miss" it. If you have any questions, I'm in the Facebook group, like IN IT Monday through Friday.

But more importantly, I want to ask you: when is going to be a perfect time to pursue your life's purpose?

The answer is: NEVER.

Your life starts to change when you make time for it. There will always be an excuse. But there will never be another today. Don't let another day go by where your calling is put on hold.

Why would I pay for education that's not from school or university?

The online learning industry was predicted by Forbes to reach over $300 Billion by 2025. This is a clear sign that self-education is becoming more of the norm as we move into a world where information no longer comes with the thousands of dollars of student loans. Online courses are an increasingly normal and empowering way to make real changes in your life.

When does The Creative Career Blueprint start?

The Facebook group opens on May 28th and our first live call will be on June 1st at 6:30 PM PST. (You will have access to all recordings.)

My money situation is tight and it feels really uncomfortable to spend this money.

I have been there and I get it. I priced this program with compassion in mind for the fact that we are in a global pandemic situation. But much like time, money is often another excuse we stand behind because we're too scared to do something that will push us toward what we truly want.

If you're on the fence, ask yourself: what will happen if I DON'T enroll in Creative Career Blueprint? Where will you be a year from now?

Then ask yourself: what will happen if you DO invest in Creative Career Blueprint? What will my life be like in a year?

I always tell my clients and students: make the decision that feels like it's rooted in faith, not the one rooted in fear.

I'm new to self-development AND to business: am I a good fit for the course?

Yes. Creative Career Blueprint is the ground-level course for creatives who want to take those first steps toward the life they love. It is also a good fit for creatives who've dabbled in pursuing their passion, but just bump up to obstacles no matter how hard they try. You'll be walked through the three-legged stool of success: mind, business and spirit.

Why this program when there are so many out there?

The Creative Career Blueprint takes a holistic approach to building the foundation for your career. The instructor knows that in order to be successful, there are three components that must be working together in harmony in order for you to start, sustain and scale your creative passions. Those are subconscious programming, mindset mastery and business knowledge. All three are taught in simple ways that a

how to live a fulfilling life

Ready for the next level?

"I highly recommend anyone who is ready to experience life on another level & move forward in grace and peace to register NOW for the next class!"  

Michelle Wilsak

What would be possible if...

  • You started to believe in yourself, instead of waiting for others to believe in you?
  • You gave yourself the permission to do what you were put on this earth to do so that you never had to wake up dreading the day again?
  • You had an action plan to get you from Point A to Point B, so you never had to guess what the next step is - and even worse not even move forward because you have no idea what to do?
  • You had the confidence to know that your ideas are totally worthy of standing on their own - AND YOU ARE WORTHY AND SAFE TO MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE?
  • You were ready to stop playing by others' rules and expectations and transform into the trailblazer you're meant to be?

This is your opportunity to make the change that you've been desiring. This is your time to declare your new normal!

I'll see you in there!

life coach for creatives
Group coaching programs for creatives