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The Digital Hypnosis Empowerment Package

A comprehensive digital hypnosis resource for building a prosperous, creative life.

Have you ever found yourself bumping up against the same challenges over and over again even though you “know better?”  

Would you benefit from increased confidence to pursue your passion without wondering what others will think?  

Are you craving motivation to help you move forward and create momentum on an important project?  

Do you find yourself ready to start a project only to find an excuse to wait until a better time?  

Were you told at a young age that being a creative for a living isn’t realistic?  

It probably comes as no surprise to you that if you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then creating a life of freedom and creativity is going to be difficult. If you’re like so many others out there who want to take advantage of this moment in history with more ways to connect with audiences and earn money doing what you love, but seem to be standing in your own way, I have news for you.  

Anything blocking you from what you want in life is all in your mind.  


Feel that.  

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"Erin was phenomenal when I contacted her about a phobia. She responded quickly to my request and was able, via hypnotherapy, to help me conquer my fear. When one method did not work for me, she was able to quickly adjust to what was most useful for me. She set me up for immediate success and gave me exercises to help with anxiety spikes in the future. Her compassion and follow up post session was unparalleled."

Jaymie Butler-Taylor, Hypnosis Client & Mortgage Expert, Las Vegas

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And even though you can “know” something at a surface level, until it’s encoded in your unconscious mind, you’re going to continue to be controlled by beliefs and thoughts that you might not even be aware of.  

Hypnosis, when used correctly, is an amazing tool that helps reprogram your unconscious mind in alignment with the greatest and fullest expression of living that you were put on this earth for.  

And that’s why I created the Hypnosis Empowerment Package For Creatives. This is a four-track package specifically recorded to deepen your connection with the most creative part of yourself while building the confidence to make unconventional decisions that lead you to unconventional opportunities and wealth. 

This is For You If:

  • You’re ready to understand the power of your unconscious mind and how it’s creating your current reality - for better or for worse.
  • You desire to expand your mastery over your own life with elegance and ease.
  • You want the confidence to “follow your gut” even if it doesn’t make sense - opening yourself to magic around every corner.
  • You want to connect with your inner guide that helps you imagine new possibilities, projects and opportunities.
  • You're ready for lasting shifts and changes. 

"Erin is an excellent and experienced therapist and coach! Very professional, caring, and assertive. She didn't forget any details of our conversation, she was able to help me with an issue I had. I highly recommend her! I really enjoyed working with her!"  

- Annarella Jordan, Hypnosis Client & Youth Health Advocate

My private hypnosis services are normally $2,500. When you purchase the Hypnosis Empowerment Package, you’ll not only receive the transformational benefits of hypnosis, but you’ll also receive:

  • A student handbook to help you integrate the benefits of the audio MP3’s
  • A video introduction and tutorial so you can reference which track will best support you at different times on your journey
  • Four MP3 Hypnosis tracks: Connect With Creativity, Deepen Your Relationship With Your Unconscious Mind, Inner Child Wisdom & Reaching Your Next Level
  • An exclusive coupon for my flagship group coaching masterclass, Creative, Prosperous & Free. 

This is a $1,000 value that you can purchase instantly today for only $97.