Master Your Negative Emotions & Thrive

Erin Vazquez

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Did you know that fear and other negative emotions usually aren't caused by what you think?  

Until you become conscious of the underlying cause of your negative emotions, they'll continue to keep you back from navigating difficult situations effectively and in line with your highest self.  

In this video, I share:  

☑️ How your negative emotions are actually a gift - and what you can learn from them.  

☑️ The real cause of fear and anger - and how you can use this information to better navigate difficult situations.  

☑️ How to resolve the negative emotion responsibly so you make decisions rooted in your best interest.  

And then you'll be guided through a healing meditation that will support you in uilding a healthy relationship with all of your emotions!  

This video is part one of a seven part series being recorded from March 15 - 21, 2020.

Watch Part 1 here {Leave Your Soul-Sucking Job}.

Watch Part 3 here. {Learn A Simple 2-Step Method To Activate Your Inner Badass - Even If You Have Zero Confidence!}

Watch Part 4 here {Get The Life You Want - Even When Everything Else Is Falling Apart}

Download your free 10-minute anxiety-relieving meditation here.

All the love,


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Erin Vazquez is a master certified NLP Coach, Timeline Therapy™️ Practitioner and hypnotherapist who works with clients and students all over the world.  

Her passion is helping creatives design a life that lets them dance in the intersection of creativity and wealth by helping them heal spiritual wounds, build an unstoppable mindset, then roll up their sleeves and get down to (creative) business.  

She hosts Ask Erin on her YouTube channel. If you would like to submit a question to be answered, simply contact us and subscribe to the YouTube Channel!