Consciousness & Creativity

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to build a life that dances in the intersection of prosperity, creativity and joy, this free, 5-module course is for you. Gain instant access to the student portal when you sign up now.

online group coaching

Creative, Prosperous & Free

This landmark masterclass happens live over 12 knowledge-packed weeks that students have called the best investment they’ve ever made in themselves. Through this class, you will learn how to clear emotional trauma, claim what you want out of your life, build an unstoppable mindset and a business to boot. Enrollment open two times a year - check now to enroll or to join the wait list!

Creativity Courses Online

Conscious, Confident & Creative

This online course guides you step-by-step to the power of your unconscious mind. Through a new understanding capabilities you didn’t know you have, you will gain confidence, clairty and peace so that you have a strong psychological foundation in moving forward in building your dream life - and handling the obstacles along the way.

Online hypnosis

Online Hypnosis Empowerment Package

Combining the deep, relaxing transformational experiences in the four hypnosis tracks along with a workbook that will help you integrate the profound wisdom of your unconscious mind with your every day decisions so that a life of prosperity and creativity materializes before your eyes.