VIP Breakthrough For Creatives

2 Days Of Massive Transformation

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re so done living an inauthentic life to please others. 
  • You're ready to explore what it would be like to live on purpose and with joy.
  • You know what you want. And you’re ready to make it happen - quickly.
  • You’re currently in the middle of a crisis and are eager to relieve the suffering.
  • You’ve recently taken a look around at your life and thought - no more. This needs to change.
  • You’re ready to play all out - and deep dive into removing the patterns that are keeping you from doing so.
  • You’re ready for true freedom to pursue a life that lights you up and helps you shine bright.
  • You want spiritual and practical tools that you can walk away with that you can use for the rest of your life to systematically optimize yourself for the life that you desire.  

Then the VIP Breakthrough Session Is What You're Looking For.

Transforming life

I designed the VIP Breakthrough session as a powerful 48 hours that gives you a fast transformation so that you can end your suffering, get unstuck and start shining brightly into this world in the way that you were born to.  

Before I started listening to what my heart was trying to tell me (YOU’RE MEANT TO DO MORE - STOP PLAYING SMALL) I was so frustrated. What would making a change look like? Where would I even start? And once I started, wouldn’t it take forever to make any real kind of change? What was even the point?  

The point was to get well and start living authentically. So it was on me to find a resource that would help me move the needle in a way that gave me the momentum that I so badly craved at that moment.  

Don’t get me wrong - I had worked with coaches in the past. They were all instrumental in helping me shift in more subtle ways and explore that possibilties were even available to make the quantum leap that I was so ready for in 2016.  


But when the time came, I felt called to go to Tony Robbins’ four-day seminar Unleash The Power Within. The transformation was so powerful and so immediate. I no longer needed anti-depressants because I no longer identified as depressed. I no longer bowed down to the part of me that believed she had to play it small and safe in order to live life. I started celebrating the part of me that knew she was meant for something amazing.  

That experience was so powerful that six months later I had started my life coaching practice. I quickly started to see that, in combination with the training, certifications and studying, that what my heart had been calling for my whole life was making an impact with the creatives that I so loved working with.  

And I wanted to ensure that my clients had the option for rapid transformation if that’s what their heart is desiring. So I designed 48 hours where, if you’re ready, you get to eliminate old patterns that are keeping you small, get crystal clear on what you want for your future and integrate tools, strategies and beliefs into your life - and then witness the spectacular results of giving yourself permission to live greatly.  

So I Want To Ask You:

If you were able to replace the ugly beliefs about yourself..

About not being good enough, smart enough, too old, too young, too short, too pretty, not pretty enough, not having enough resources, unlucky in life, whatever the negative script is keeping you from living a life that is truly a masterpiece... And quickly replace them with empowering beliefs that supported you in taking consistent, continuous action toward your dreams, goals and purpose...

Would you do it?

If you could replace the ineffective strategies and actions that are keeping you from playing big and replace them with behaviors and beliefs that will give you what you need to step into your greatness, is that something you would want?  

Then You're In The Right Place.

When you invest in the VIP Breakthrough experience, here is what to expect.

Upon your arrival in either Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo (location to be determined during our pre-session consultation), a car will take you to your beautiful lodging. We’ll ensure that you’re staying in one of the Central Coast’s finest accomodations where serenity and relaxation await you. You’ll come in the day before our 48 hour experience begins.

A spa service might be in order, or perhaps a walk around the beautiful grounds, depending on how you’re feeling. Depending on what time of day you come into town, I’ll be meeting you and taking you out to dinner at one of my favorite area restaurants. You’ll go back to your hotel, refresh and rehydrate - tomorrow is a big day!  

Creative career coaching

Day 1

Let’s grab a morning smoothie and walk along the coast where I'll guide you in a walking meditation to ground into your body and surroundings. You'll be invited to set your intention for the day. (All amazing results start with intention.)

Then it’s time to get down to business. Based off of your pre-session work and some discussion on our walk, we’ll dive into what truly serves you at this point. Clearing, healing, processing and/or releasing - whatever it is for you. This is where you shed the weight of the past and start feeling into the lightness of the future.

This day is all about releasing the past. In since you’re totally unique, this day will be too. Your job is to have faith, be open and fully show up to the process. My job is to be fully present, and lean into the intuition that leads me to the right tools in my toolbox. 

Lunch, nourishment and breaks will all be determined as we feel into what fully serves the facilitation. We’ll end the day with a ceremony to honor what was and what will be.  

Day 2

After a night of rest, we’ll grab another smoothie and walk along the coast. Takeaways, ah-has and celebrations will all be acknowledged.

Then it’s time to put together your step-by-step strategy to take into the real world. We’ll draw out the action steps that you can take to build a wildly beautiful, creative and prosperous life. You will be reprogrammed at a deep, unconscious level.

We’ll create contingency plans for obstacles and challenges.

  We’ll identify resources, opportunities and miracles available to you.

  We’ll install beliefs and physical anchors that will get you in the appropriate mindsets at the appropriate times, according to what you want to accomplish in that moment. 

And then we’ll end with a beautiful hypnosis session, which we’ll record so you can listen to it any time you need to. 

What is included in your VIP Breakthruogh:

  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Lodging.
  • Three dinners, two breakfasts and two lunches.
  • One spa treatment.
  • Powerful coaching that will change your mother-effing life.

When you book your VIP Breakthrough session, you’ll also receive these bonuses:

  • A copy of my book Mindset Mastery for Creatives.
  • Automatic access to my next Creative, Prosperous & Free masterclass and a growing, world-wide community of creatives..
  • 15% off one-on-one coaching should you choose to continue your journey.
  • 20% off any one of my digital courses (that are actually free to you if you sign up for one-on-one coaching - sensing a win-win either way, here.)
  • First notice on new products, services and events with special savings codes reserved only for private and VIP Clients.  

The investment is $10,000. You may pay in full or put half down when we book your session during your consultation and pay the second half no later than three days before our booked time together. Please only apply for a consultation if you are ready to make this investment if it feels like the right fit. Booking a consultation does not mean you are obligated to book VIP Services. The consultation is a time to explore that this investment and experience would fully and deeply serve you at this time in your journey.  

Mental freedom

The VIP Breakthrough session IS NOT for anyone who: 

  • Isn’t ready to go full in on their dreams.
  • Won’t take full responsibility for their life.
  • Is looking for a pat on the back instead of loving accountability.
  • Isn’t ready to let the current version of themselves go so that a new, empowered version may emerge.
  • Is not willing to integrate the tools, learnings and techniques revealed in the session into their life after leaving.  

The VIP Breakthrough session is perfect for:

  • The person who wants change - and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • Anyone who is willing to take full ownership of their lives and stop making excuses - even if they’re accurate.
  • The individual who believes that change is possible and understands that the possibilities are endless.
  • Anyone who is vastly curious about their own psyche.
  • Someone who has faith in their ability to create the life they want - and would love some guidance getting there fast!