Business & Mindset Coaching For Creatives

If you desire to:

  • Start living the life you were meant to and stop the self-sabotage that's been keeping you back
  • Design a life that you wake up grateful for living every single morning - and receive step-by-step support in watching it come to life
  • Have a master-certified coach in your corner who both believes in your big, crazy dream and will help you identify the practical, real-world steps necessary to bring it to life
  • Let go, once and for all, of the grudges, patterns, hurt, trauma and negative beliefs of the past so you can shine bright into the future
  • Rewire your unconscious mind so you can consistently take powerful actions and make strategic decisions - without self-doubt or being a slave to people-pleasing
  • Stop “shoulding” all over yourself and finally line up with your heart and figure out how to create, make money and live the life that everyone else says is impossible
  • Have text access to me for on-the-situation real-time support during day-to-day challenges  

Well, you’re in the right place.  

Private coaching is an investment that will give you a return for the rest of your life. I take my private clients on a journey through their truest desires where they give themselves permission to dream in ways that they’ve never dreamed before - and manifest those dreams into physical reality.  

This is the activation of possibility (and it’s only the beginning).  

"Erin has a way of letting you know that you are being heard. You can see her cutting through all the junk that is holding you back. She will not let you, or your unconscious, get away with anything negative or detrimental to your well being. She helped me clear some things out that I did not even know were impeding my progress, and things have been flowing ever since. I highly recommend that you work with Erin as soon as you can."  

Spike Spencer Actor and International Speaker, California 

Life Coach For Actors

Private Coaching For Artists

Imagine being guided through powerful techniques that reveal what’s truly been holding you back. The awareness in itself is transformative - it’s amazing to discover what we’ve been carrying in our unconscious mind.  

Imagine a full release of all the things that have caused you pain. At the very root. Forgiveness of the most heinous transgressions occur (spiritual freedom). Problems that have plagued your relationships with family and friends seemingly dissipate into thin air (generational healing). All because you decide your creative dreams are worthy of being pursued.

Imagine being supported through a full-system integration. Coming back to the vision. Taking the action to build it into reality. Falling down. Getting up. Learning. Integrating. Healing from the fall down. Coming up against doubt - and going anyway. Coming up against fear - and going anyway. Coming up against the voice that says it’s impossible - and saying “you’re wrong.”  

Imagine celebrating the shifts - because they start to happen fast. Imagine elegant expansion and embodiment. Imagine abundance materializing from your art and visions. 

Life Coach For Actors

"Erin’s magic is subtle and empowering. Erin walks beside you on a tour of your own heart and mind, allowing you to lead yourself to hangups you might not have even known were there, then asks just the right questions to spur you into a compassionate reframe and reclamation of personal power.  

Working with her you will come away with a clarity of purpose and direction that will make the path easier to discern and, importantly, put into action."  

Nathan Bock, Actor, Hollywood, CA

I have personal experience breaking free from my own mental chains. I've worked with dozens of clients and students on their own journey since opening my practice in 2017.  

After years of thinking that I was crazy for wanting to help artists of all kinds shine bright, break the cycles of substance abuse and mental misery so prominent in the community and give them the structures to live a prosperous life,  

I finally came to a crossroads of my own. I had to shed all of the doubt, the criticism, the fear, … I had to shed all of it  

In order to take the path that would light up my soul.  

Creative career coaching

Now I have the joy of helping others walk their path in part with their soul as well.

Are you ready to get started? 

The next step is to apply for a free consultation. Here's what you need to know BEFORE you apply. 

I offer two different packages.

Platinum 6 Month Package/24 Sessions  

Diamond 12 Month Package/48 sessions

Each package includes:

  • Text and email access to me and 24 hour response time (certain restrictions apply)
  • A free copy of my eBook Mindset Mastery For Creatives
  • Free download access to my Hypnosis For Creatives Suite ($97 value)
  • Access to all group coaching programs - and the communities! ($2k value)
  • Access to The Unbounded Artist mastermind (run 1x/year with Creative, Prosperous & Free graduates) ($10k value)
  • Access to all of my digital courses (Over $15k value)
  • Exclusive invites and discounts for future events.
Creativity Coaching

Life Coach For Creatives

"I always look forward to my conversations with Erin. As a coach myself, I have had the pleasure to work with her various times and I keep coming back. She has a quick ability to pinpoint the crux of a situation, leaving us clear and focused on the solution with no wasted time. Erin has astounded me with her service, dedication and determination on getting results. It is clear to me that every time I sit with her I get things done. My work with Erin has me moving into a new direction with purpose and courage. I am a better, person, coach and friend since my work with Erin."  

Sara Garzon, Results Coach, Bogota, Colombia

The Investment:  

I want to be very clear the charges for my services so you know what will be requested if we decide we are a good fit to move forward together in a coaching relationship. A free consultation does not mean there's any obligation - it simply means we are going to explore that going into the coaching space together would truly be beneficial for all parties involved. My promise to you when we move into a coaching relationship is to hold space for radical transformation and shifts. I take my role in the journey incredibly seriously. I will ask you to step up and I have seen time and time again that in order to be invested, one must invest.  

Before applying for a free consulation please:  

  • Be sure you are willing to pay the fee for coaching.
  • Let your spouse or partner know that you are considering this investment.
  • Create a list of questions that you need the answers to to be sure that this is the investment for you. (Note: when making such a huge leap of faith as a coaching commitment is, there will never be 100%. It's appropriate to feel a little nervous - you're embarking on an unknown journey. But if you breathe into your heart, trust yourself, you'll make the right decision. Also, if I feel on my end that there's something unethical or out of alignment about a potential investment on your part, you will not be eligible for private coaching. You may always apply in the future.)  

6 month Platinum Investment $25,000 Or a $5,000 down payment and 5 monthly payments of $4,000  

12 month Diamond Investment $45,000 Or a $10,000 and 11 monthly payments of $3,120  

Veteran, military, teacher, senior & student discounts available. 

Custom arrangements considered on case-by-case basis.


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