The Cost Of Second-Guessing Yourself

Erin Vazquez

I've been thinking a lot lately about the willingness to second-guess oneself. I've been doing it my entire life. To far less of an extent now than before, but I still recognize how something feels right, but I'm willing to throw it out the window because my logic brain can't fit it in anywhere.

This tendency has caused a lot of pain in my life. It's caused a lot of missed opportunities. It seethes into resentment, disguised as "respect" for other people's opinions and circumstances while discounting my own.

Even more, I see how it gives power away when really my true source of power is my higher power and my willingness to stay clear and grounded to feel into what that really is.

I feel like that's where the truth of what you were here to create comes in. That truth is so distorted through other people's own wounds and willingness to stay trapped in a life that is making them miserable and put upon by so many "shoulds." You "should" try it this way because so and so did it and they did great. You "should" give up because you've been trying for x amount of years and it hasn't added up. You "should" take the safe route (I hope you see after this year the idea of a safe route is total bull shit).

Where are you willing to second-guess yourself? Where are you outsourcing your power. What is it costing you and what do you have to gain if you bring the power back to yourself?

Meditation has been one of the biggest helps in grounding me deeper and deeper in my truth. You can download this 10-minute meditation for free that I recorded to specifically help you reduce anxiety and connect with creativity.

Access here.

Sending you all the love,


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Erin Vazquez is a master certified NLP Coach, Timeline Therapy™️ Practitioner and hypnotherapist who works with clients and students all over the world.  

Her passion is helping creatives design a life that lets them dance in the intersection of creativity and wealth by helping them heal spiritual wounds, build an unstoppable mindset, then roll up their sleeves and get down to (creative) business.  

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