Simple 2-step Method To Help You Activate Your Inner Badass - Even If You’re Not Confident (Yet)

Erin Vazquez

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Welcome to the Inner Badass Activation Workshop + Activating Meditation where you'll learn an easy 2-step process to tap into your inner bad-ass - even if you're feeling woefully low in the self-confidence department.


The truth of the matter is, we all have a choice to make in times of crisis and when times are normal: 

Contract in fear, believing scarcity and letting the uncertainty eat up everything that makes us magical.  

Or expand in faith, letting this be the thing that stops the lie of limitations.  

It’s hard enough to be one of those people that’s never quite fit in. Who’s been toeing the line of making their family happy or finding security or just doing what everyone else seems to be doing, so they’ve gotta know something that you just can’t see for some reason, right?  

The thing is, Lovely…  

When you quiet all the noise and doubts at the end of the day,  

It’s actually YOU who knows something that other people can’t see,  

But they need to.  

And unless you start listening to that badass part of yourself, they’ll never see it.  

They’ll never hear the song that will help them through dark days.  

They’ll never see that movie that shows them how to dream.  

They’ll never read the book that opens new horizons.  

They’ll never see the painting that gives them a lens through which the world makes sense.  

You need to believe in yourself, that what you have to create can make that much of an impact on someone. Maybe a lot of people. Maybe not. You need to believe in yourself that you deserve to operate from a space of knowing - no matter what anyone else says or thinks …. Because anything less than support from someone else is simply a revelation of their wounds and limitations.  

In this video, you will learn a simple 2-step method to help you activate your inner bad-ass - even if you’re not confident at all (yet).  

Then you’ll receive new information in a relaxing theta-wave meditation that will help you believe in yourself and give you clarity on who you are meant to be in this world. The more you listen to it, the clearer it becomes.  

This video is part three of a seven part series being recorded from March 15 - 21, 2020.

Watch Part 1 here {Leave Your Soul-Sucking Job}.

Watch Part 2 here. {Master Your Negative Emotions & Thrive}

Watch Part 4 here {Get The Life You Want - Even When Everything Else Is Falling Apart}

Download your free 10-minute anxiety-relieving meditation here.

All the love,


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Erin Vazquez is a master certified NLP Coach, Timeline Therapy™️ Practitioner and hypnotherapist who works with clients and students all over the world.  

Her passion is helping creatives design a life that lets them dance in the intersection of creativity and wealth by helping them heal spiritual wounds, build an unstoppable mindset, then roll up their sleeves and get down to (creative) business.  

She hosts Ask Erin on her YouTube channel. If you would like to submit a question to be answered, simply contact us and subscribe to the YouTube Channel!