Private Coaching

The ultimate in support, one-on-one coaching entails a customized experience of deep healing, an integration of new & empowering beliefs and accountability in taking action into your new life. Services delivered in person and online.  

Creative Coaching

VIP Breakthrough Coaching

Whether you’re in the middle of a personal crisis or just READY for rapid change, this 48 hour immersive experience is perfect for anyone ready to experience the possibility of massive change in a short period of time. Not for the faint of heart. Services offered live in California. 

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Private Hypnosis Services

Hypnotherapy is an amazing technique that helps you overcome fears, explore underlying causes of issues, creating positive results in your future and deep relaxation. I offer a hypnotherapy package designed to prepare, facilitate and integrate the power of your unconscious mind in conjunction with the results you desire. Services offered in person and online. 

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Digital Hypnotherapy Program

Combining the deep, relaxing transformational experiences in the four hypnosis tracks along with a workbook that will help you integrate the profound wisdom of your unconscious mind with your every day decisions so that a life of prosperity and creativity materializes before your eyes.